Name: Nes-Shu means belonging to th god of air Shu, priest to the god Min

Individual’s age: approx. 50 years

Historical age: ptolemaic, approx. 300-200 B.C.

Sex: male

Origin: Achmim, excavation by Gaston Maspero 1885. Egyptian gift to Edwin Simond who donated the mummy in 1896 to his home town Yverdon.

Type of mummificiation: artificial

Examinations carried out: Conventional X-ray and Computed Tomography

Diseases and other special characteristics: degenerative modifications of the vertebral column and the shoulder joints, extensive calcifications in the lower leg arteries. This priest mummy is partially covered by a Book of the Dead papyrus. 14 Amulets were found, four of them beneath the bandages (three made of faience, one in gilded wood).

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Museum: Museum Yverdon und Region, Yverdon-les-bains

Literary reference:

  • A.Küffer / R. Siegmann, Unter dem Schutz der Himmelsgöttin – Ägyptische Särge, Mumien und Masken in der Schweiz, Zürich, Chronos, 2007.

Neshou undergoing CT-Scan